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August 2017 Wallpaper

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August #desktop #wallpaper now available on our Monthly Wallpaper page. At the 2015 Culdrose Airday, the Cornwall Air Ambulance came in to show everyone what they can do. #avgeek #helicopter #aviation #calendar

@cornwallairamb @culdroseairday

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July 2017 Wallpaper

Category : Airshow , Wallpaper , Warbird

July #desktop #wallpaper now available on our Monthly Wallpaper page. At the 2015 Culdrose Airday, North American T6 Harvard III G-KAMY flew with Grumman Wildcat (known as the Martlet in the Royal Navy) G-RUMV. #warbird # Avgeek #T6 #Harvard #Martlet #Wildcat #aviation #calendar

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June 2017 Wallaper

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June #desktop #wallpaper now available on our Monthly Wallpaper page. The Breitling Super Constellation made a an appearance at the 2013 Sanicole Airshow during an unfortunately overcast period. Despite the cloud, the plane and display were amazing – if you ever get the chance to see her, please do. #Breitling # Avgeek #Connie #SuperConnie #airliner #propliner #aviation #calendar

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May 2017 Wallpaper

Hi – the new wallpaper for May is now live on the monthly wallpaper page. This is a Rockwell Commander being flown as part of the Air2Air Academy at Sanicole, Belgium in 2013. Many thanks to Eric and the Aviation Photocrew for organizing this event and to all the pilots that took part.
#wallpaper #avgeek #A2A

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April 2017 Desktop wallpaper

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I’ve been publishing monthly desktop wallpaper images for various screen resolutions for a little while on my site – this year just featuring my aircraft photography. I’m going to start announcing them on the blog page as well with the WordPress ( shortlink to the page :

Hope you enjoy them. If your screen resolution is not covered, let me know and I’ll see about adding it to the list. If you find the wallpapers useful and feel you want to contribute towards the costs of running the site and getting the images, there is a paypal donation button at the bottom of the page but the wallpaper image is free for personal use on your desktop 🙂

#avgeek #wallpaper #embraer #airliner #TuiFly

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One evening recently I went to Trebarwith Strand to catch a sunset. This is a popular place for sunset images because of the rocky path leading to the beach and “Gull Rock”, the island just offshore. Being early in the year, there was a heavy sea running giving spray over the rocks and the tide was high, well up to the top of the path. As I sat with the camera on the tripod, I watched the mist on the horizon rising to meet the setting sun and I was groaning inside, thinking it was going to ruin the sunset.

MGDH-Trebarwith-6032I took several shots anyway and when I got back home to process them I was very pleased with how they had come out. The image here has since been printed large on canvas and is now hanging on the wall at home (click on the image to see a larger version). Another image from the evening became the April landscape wallpaper 🙂

It was quite a challenge, watching the rising tide and making sure the camera (and I) stayed dry.

Eventually the light faded completely and it was time to retire to the local hostelry to enjoy a very good hot meal to warm up again.

While there, I got chatting to some of the other photographers who were also there for the sunset, including Russell Wilcox of Landscapes of Cornwall. Swapping e-mails afterwards led to a workshop opportunity and I will be sharing some of the results of that soon! Thanks for your time, Russell. If you get the chance, do check out his images and the workshops he runs.